Inspirational films for positive change

Video Production

Videos to order for individuals , small businesses and organisations.

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I produce and film docs about original, interesting stories I am passionate about.

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Film-making courses

Workshops for adults and children in practical filmmaking or theory.

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My Story

Hello, my name is Clive Ardagh. I am an independent filmmaker with many years of experience and I love making commissioned films for my clients. My work is varied and demands a variety of skills: a rapport with interviewees, making the most of the weather, a good eye, clear sound, understanding the subject and a smooth post-production. I have a thorough understanding of my work, yet am able to keep costs down in what is often an expensive business.

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Just a few examples of the companies and organisations that I have had the pleasure to work with

  • Chiltern Open Air MuseumChiltern Open Air Museum
  • DystoniaDystonia
  • SeedSeed
  • Local Food BritainLocal Food Britain
  • Happy MuseumHappy Museum
  • South Downs National Park AuthoritySouth Downs National Park Authority