Films for organisations and projects which I believe in
and issues I´m involved with.

With web-video and short films I help my clients promote and market their progressive projects and businesses. I plan, shoot and edit films for organisations and individuals and am expert at understanding and responding to their subject matter and issues. I have a distinct visual style delivering finely crafted, aesthetically strong, clear and engaging messages.

Clive Ardagh: My Story

Brought up in a creative home on the edge of the countryside, I have always been visualising the world around me. Art school and a degree in media production has led me into a varied career with my work and interests integrated and feeding from each-other.

I´ve worked in design, with young people and in agriculture, as well as media. More recently, a masters degree in holistic science has brought me into contact with a network of organisations exploring or combining sustainability, culture and the natural environment.

I grow and forage much of my own food and living and working in the countryside means I am actively involved in many of the issues which I make films about. My clients are often museums, centers, artists and cultural projects and many work in nature, with food, farming, wildlife, the outdoors and a more sustainable environment.